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Everything you ever wanted to learn about sailing all in one place. From learning how to sail to mastering the necessary skills to be safe and effective out on the water.


There are so many amazing destinations for sailing holidays and adventures that it can be hard to choose. Let’s explore what’s out there and what not to miss out on.


There’s bound to be sailing gear that you’ll need when you’re out on the water. Helping you choose the right gear without breaking the bank is our goal.

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My name is Dave and I’m the creator of Nomadic Sailing. The moment I stepped foot onto a little sailing dinghy back in school at summer camp, I was hooked. And I’ve been traveling the world exploring new places and meeting the most amazing people ever since.

My mission with Nomadic Sailing is to help beginners more easily learn everything they need to start sailing, to provide experienced sailors with the best online resource for staying up-to-date with their skills, and to have fun.

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