Where to Learn to Sail: A Quick Global Guide

Learning how to sail can be an adventure all in its own, but knowing where to learn to sail can lead to exciting destinations.

Whether you want to stick to your local area or go elsewhere to learn to sail, you’ll want to know some of the best destinations available. From the US to the Caribbean to Europe to Asia, there are plenty of options to choose from.

So where can you learn to sail? You can learn to sail in many countries and regions, most notably the United States, Caribbean, Mediterranean, Asia, and Australia. Most countries that have a coastal line will likely provide the opportunity to learn to sail. Learning to sail on interior lakes is an option as well in many countries.

Where to learn to sail is an important topic since you’ll want to continue going to the same sailing school as you build up your sailing experience.

Some people have the option to learn to sail near their homes, but for others they have to travel a bit. If you decide to travel, consider taking a learn to sail holiday in one of the many popular destinations described below.

Where in the World Can You Learn to Sail

There are many excellent locations around the world where you can learn to sail and having the right information is crucial. Maybe you want to stay in your country or continent.

Or maybe you want to travel to far off exotic lands where you can enjoy a long and much needed holiday while learning to sail.

We’re going to run through some of the best locations where to learn to sail throughout the world right now. While this isn’t an exhaustive list, it should get you started on your journey to finding your next sailing destination.

West Coast United States

If you live or plan on traveling to the United States and are wanting to learn to sail, you’ll have made a great choice if you pick the west coast.

The sunny weather stretching across the California coast along with a relaxed atmosphere can put you in the proper holiday mood without much effort.

Arguably the most popular destination to learn to sail in west coast United States is in San Diego, California.

The sailing schools in San Diego are plentiful and provide a lot of options for those looking to learn to sail at any stage in their journey.

If you haven’t been to San Diego, there’s no doubt this location should be on your list of destination for learning to sail. On top of that, you’ll be close to the Mexican border, so a quick trip can easily be penciled in.

Another popular destination to learn to sail is Monterey Bay, California. There are plenty of sailing schools in Monterey Bay and definitely has a different scene than San Diego since it’s more north than San Diego.

This means you’re close to some popular California cities, including San Francisco and San Jose.

East Coast United States

Rivaling the west coast United States is none other than the east coast United States. With the very long history of sailing on the east coast, it’s difficult to get away from sailing and general boating in various towns, cities, and states.

As opposed to the west coast, there are far more states that offer sailing lessons and are packed with schools all over the place.

Of the most popular east coast United States sailing school destinations, it would be impossible to not mention Florida.

The sailing schools in Florida, as you might imagine, are numerous. Whether you’re looking for sailing schools in Miami, Key Largo, or Key West, there’s certainly something for everybody.

Among the many sailing schools to choose from on the east coast, the sailing schools in Maryland offer some of the most well-known and comprehensive programs out there.

Whether you’re looking for sailing schools in Annapolis, Baltimore, or somewhere else, you’ll find some great sailing schools.

It would be impossible for me not to bring up another famous east coast state that has a big sailing community and that would be New York.

There are plenty of sailing schools in New York to choose from and being in New York gives you a central location in the east coast United States to travel around.

On top of that, you get to learn to sail in one of the most enigmatic states in the US and have to opportunity to visit New York City.


Learning to sail in the United States has its upside, but to be honest it’s tough to beat learning to sail in the Caribbean.

Being surrounded by beautiful blue water and covered in sun is exactly what most people are thinking about when hopping on a sailboat and cruising around. If you’re planning a learn to sail holiday, you definitely want to consider the Caribbean.

Honestly, there are a huge number of options to choose from if you decide to learn to sail in the Caribbean, but you’d be making a mistake if you didn’t consider sailing schools in the US Virgin Islands.

While there aren’t a ton of sailing schools there, the ones that are out there have great options for courses and you’ll be surrounded by many like-minded individuals enjoying their leisure time out on the water.

Another great option when considering learning to sail in the Caribbean is looking up sailing schools in Puerto Rico.

Similar to sailing schools in the US Virgin Islands, there aren’t a huge number of sailing schools in Puerto Rico, but the ones that do are fantastic.

If you’re looking to learn to sail in an exotic destination that has a flavor of modern culture, you’ll be making a mistake not looking into Puerto Rico.


Traveling to the many beautiful coastal countries of the Mediterranean is just one of the things in life I wish everyone can experience.

Whether you’re eating tapas in Spain, drinking wine in Italy, or dancing on the beaches of Greece, there’s surely something for everyone when traveling to the Mediterranean.

In my opinion, it’s really hard to beat sailing in Spain because the food, drinks, culture, architecture, and people are so amazing.

The sailing schools in Spain are lined up and down the coast on both sides of the country and offer great opportunities for learning to sail. I used to live in Spain, so I’m biased. But sailing in Spain is a must if you plan to visit the Mediterranean.

Another fantastic option in the Mediterranean is in Italy, which offers a comparable style of living as Spain with a different flavor.

The sailing schools in Italy have a great set of options for anyone learning to sail in the Mediterranean. One of the best parts of sailing in Italy is that you’re central to many destinations available all throughout the Mediterranean.

There’s no mentioning sailing in the Mediterranean without talking about Greece, an absolutely breathtaking destination to learn to sail. If you get the chance to learn here, don’t pass it up.

While not technically in the Mediterranean, I want to bring up an amazing country where you can learn how to sail, and that’s Croatia.

The sailing schools in Croatia are extremely high quality and the location is easily one of the best in Europe. The number of islands scattered around the coast of Croatia is vast and the destinations range from the remote to the well-populated.

Also, Croatia is one of the least expensive countries to learn to sail and charter vessels, so definitely keep it in mind.


Looking to learn to sail in an exotic, far-off land? Look no further than Thailand; the top destination in Southeast Asia. There are some amazing sailing schools in Thailand that offer courses that range from beginners to expert racing.

The cities and coasts of Thailand are beautiful and there are plenty of choices of islands to visit that offer all kinds of entertainment for anyone to enjoy.

Sailing schools in Thailand are a great choice if you’re looking for true adventure. I’ve personally found it to be one of the best countries to sail due to having great weather, food, islands, culture, and people.

If you get the opportunity to visit Thailand, I highly suggest you take a look at one of their sailing schools and get yourself on a sailboat.


Australia is famous for being a pretty wild country and that definitely goes for the watersports as well. Due to the fact that the entire country is surrounded by water, there are plenty of opportunities to find sailing schools in Australia that’ll cater to any skill level.

Sailing along the coasts of Australia means you’ll be staying at some of the nicest coastal destinations Australia has to offer.

From the Gold Coast to Sydney to Melbourne, you’ll hit some great city spots. On top of that, if you end up in South Australia you might get the chance to travel from Melbourne to Tasmania.

Sailing in Australia would be an unforgettable destination and an amazing experience for anyone learning how to sail.