Learn to Sail Holidays for Singles and Solo Travelers

If you’ve ever gone on a vacation solo, you’ll know how freeing and exciting it can be when on your own. Sometimes it can even be a bit risky.

Well, learn to sail holidays for singles and solo travelers is a fantastic way to explore new parts of the world and to meet people from all walks of life.

So, how is it possible for singles and solo travelers to learn to sail on holidays? It’s very common that sailing courses that last 5-7 days take on several people at a time and they all need solo travelers since filling each sailboat is important. There is almost always a mix of groups, solo travelers, couples, and singles learning how to sail.

A long time ago I went on a learn to sail holiday as a solo traveler and had one of the most memorable experiences in my life.

It was many years ago off the coast of Croatia and met some great people along the way. Being able to participate in an adventure such as that is absolutely a luxury, so if you get the chance to do it you should go for it.

Learn to Sail Holidays for Singles

Exploring the world through the lens of a crew member on a sailboat is an experience like no other. If you’re deciding to learn to sail on your next holiday adventure, you’ll get the chance to not only learn a lot but to meet some amazing people along the way.

Having the opportunity to meet like-minded people is something not everyone has on a day by day basis. Often times it feels like we’re just going from point A to point B as fast as possible.

Learn to sail holidays are able to shake that feeling and allow you to fall into a natural state of fun and content while learning a lot and meeting new people.

One of the best parts about learning to sail on your next holiday adventure is the fact that you might have the opportunity to do a liveaboard.

A liveaboard means you actually sleep on the sailboat when docked in a marina, which adds to the ambiance of being on a real sailing trip.

If you join a sailing school that does multi-day liveaboard courses that explores different marinas, you’ll have an even better time.

You and everyone else on-board will have the opportunity to dock and explore the local area, which ultimately means getting some local food and drinks. This is a great option if you’re looking to explore the local culture and let loose a little bit.

As a matter of fact, you’ll likely be going to some of the best spots to eat and have drinks since your skipper will most likely know the lay of the land quite well.

One of the best ways to mix it up and get to know your crew members is by working together on the sailboat followed by chatting it up over some delicious food and drinks later that evening.

One of the best parts about learning how to sail as a single or solo traveler is you’re forced to meet people you’d likely never meet in your everyday life.

The connections you’ll make, with a doubt, will be unforgettable. You may all move on your merry way after the holiday is over, but you’ll always share the memories you made.

I’ve been on learn to sail holidays as a solo traveler, single, and couple. In my opinion, I’ve had a great time in every situation because sharing the adventure with others is really what it’s all about.

However, being single or a solo traveler gives you the opportunity to break away from your normal life and get the know who you really are.

Singles and solo travelers learning how to sail on holidays will have an experience they’ll cherish for a lifetime. If you have the opportunity, you shouldn’t let it pass you by. Take a risk and go have an amazing adventure. You’ll likely regret not doing it.

Docking at Different Marinas

If you plan on going on a learn to sail holiday for singles, I highly suggest you find sailing schools that offer a liveaboard learning experience that explores different marinas in the area. This is such a valuable experience for anyone and it’ll open the door for many exciting possibilities.

As I mentioned before, having the opportunity to hang out with the crew and sailing instructors over some delicious local food and tasty drinks is one of the more fun activities to partake in.

Of course, learning how to sail is one of the main objectives on your trip, but it’s nice to loosen things up and mix it up once you get on land.

When I went to Croatia as a solo traveler to learn how to sail, I remember (for the most part) the evenings we’d all go out to enjoy the local towns.

From Split to Dubrovnik, we had an amazing time and I wouldn’t trade that experience for the world.

Check If the Course Is Singles Specific

You won’t often find sailing schools specifically advertising for learn to sail holidays for singles, but they’re surely out there.

If you’re looking for this experience, you should contact the schools directly to inquire whether or not they have a singles specific course. You might be surprised.

There are more and more sailing schools, however, that are offering learn to sail holidays for singles nowadays as it’s become quite a popular holiday event.

From all around the world, you can find sailing schools that offer these exact courses, so searching around has become easier and easier to do.

Sailing schools might not specifically offer learn to sail holidays for singles, but it might be the case that a lot of people who learn to sail on holiday at their school are either solo travelers or single.

This has been a common theme whenever I’ve gone on a learn to sail holiday, so it wouldn’t surprise me if the school was able to provide you with this information easily.

What’s the Gender Split?

Finding a sailing school that caters specifically to singles is more and more common to find today and an important factor to consider is the split between genders.

Depending on the experience you’re looking for depends on the gender split, which could be a deal breaker for you if you’re looking for learn to sail holidays for singles.

Many schools that offering learn to sail holidays for singles will inform you of the gender split they often see and work to ensure.

From what can be found from the schools offering these courses, it seems that they unanimously try to hit a fair 50/50 split between male and female.

Of course, the split can’t always be perfectly balanced, but it seems they attempt to have quotas for both genders to move toward this balance.

Age Range On-Board

When looking to meet other singles while on your sailing holiday, it might be a big plus to know what age bracket most of the crew member generally are in these courses.

There’s no doubt you’ll be able to get this information from the sailing school offering learn to sail holidays for singles, so this is definitely fair to ask.

A general age range that can be found from a quick search of sailing schools that offer learn to sail holidays for singles can be anywhere between 30 and 50 years old.

While it’s not incredibly common to find people outside of those ranges take part in these courses, you’ll most likely see older guests that are 50 and above than guests in their 20s.

Having a good understanding of the age range isn’t necessarily important for everyone, but it’s good to keep in mind when looking for courses.

A friendly question sent to the sailing school is surely more than welcome and they’ll certainly be happy to provide you with the exact information.

Diverse Sailing and Life Experience

Going on a learn to sail holiday for singles means you’re going to meet all types of people with experiences that traverse the entire globe.

Many sailing students are repeat sailors and are looking to sharpen their skills, add miles to their logbook, and meet like-minded people. Of course, there are plenty of beginners but there’s always the “pro”.

Not only are you going to meet other crew with a range of sailing experience, but also a range of life experiences.

From chefs to architects to bankers to IT professionals to athletes to artists, you’ll likely meet them all. To be honest, that aspect of learn to sail holidays, along with actually learning how to sail, is one of the best reasons to go on one of these trips.